Helper Credits

San Luis Sustainability Group

Architectural advice and site planning were provided by Ken Haggard, Rachel Aljilani, and Scott Walker of SLOSG

Stockman Bank, Dillon Office

Construction financing is provided by Shane Puyear of Stockman Bank, Dillon

First American Title Company

Title services are provided by Sara Bennet of First American Title Company

Cornerstone Land Surveying, Inc.

Travis Wilson has provided surveying services Cornerstone Land Surveying

Beaverhead Glass

Putting the right type of glass in the various windows is one of the most important parts of building an efficient solar home. Dianna Blom of Beaverhead Glass has been very helpful in choosing glass that lets maximum light through on the south of the houses and much less on the east and west sides of the houses.

Carousel Image Credits

Thanks to the respective image sources

106 Montana Street    The Mining History Association
State of Montana Big Hole salmon access access point

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks "Draft Environmental Assessment SALMON FLY FISHING ACCESS SITE PROPOSED IMPROVEMENT PROJECT" cover photo

Image of bull Elk bugeling over cow lying down    The Billings Gazette
Image of the Sparky's Garage restaurant    Sparky's Garage, early morning - Loren Kallevig
An image on the Beaverhead River    Beaverhead River - Loren Kallevig
An image on Grasshopper Creek    Grasshopper Creek - Loren Kallevig
An image on the Big Hole River    Big Hole River - Loren Kallevig
Image of the Big Hole River with two float boats    Big Sky Fishing.Com
Quiet water in late summer

   Quiet water in late summer - Eric Wendland

Resirvour with snow capped mountains

   Reservoir with snow capped mountains - Eric Wendland

Sunset over Dillon

   Sunset over Dillon - Eric Wendland

Sunrise over Beaverhead County Courthouse

   Sunrise over Beaverhead County Courthouse - Unknown