The Neighborhood

The three Blacktail Solar Homes currently under construction are the first of what is envisioned to be a modern housing development along Railroad Street. The site, along with land for several more similar homes, was purchased by Ron Swenson in early 2018. See more information about Ron.

Eric and Alicia Wendland are the builders of the homes under construction, and they have committed to building the nine additional Blacktail solar homes as well. In addition, they have purchased approximately twenty adjoining acres with the intent to develop this land in a sustainable way. Those plans are under discussion, and you can rest assured that either additional passive solar homes or high quality commercial, or both, are destined for this space. This neighborhood is on the march.

Blacktail Solar Homes are located at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Railroad Street, a short walk to Safeway, and not much farther in the other direction to downtown. A resident of these homes could do very nicely without a car.