Photovoltaic (Solar Electric) (PV)

3kW PV As Installed

System Components

  • Rated Output =3,050 watts
  • Solar Module = Canadian Solar 305 (10)
  • Inverter = Fronius Primo 3.8 (1)
  • Monitoring = Fronius Smart Meter
  • Racking = Ironridge
The following incentives will apply to your total system cost:
Federal Tax Credit 30% of Total System Cost
MT State Tax Credit $500 per filer
The genius of the Fronius Smart Meter lies in solving problems you never even knew you had. Here I explain the problems Solar has faced in recent years and the attempts that have been made to solve them. Then, we’ll look at the solution: the Fronius Smart meter. MARK'S Solar Power Blog
Fronius Configuration Diagram

This Fronius Configuration Diagram shows the elements that make up these solar systems.

Fronius Configuration Diagram

Grey line: solar production, Blue: solar consumption, Red: grid consumption

Fronius have developed the “Smart Meter”. Its primary purpose is to measure export power, but it allows so much more. Again, the device fundamentally is not new – it’s just a digital kWh meter. But it’s the integration with Solar.web that results in a user-friendly and super informative graphs and diagrams on a desktop or smartphone app. Now you not only know your solar production, but how much power is being sent back to the grid.

The basic idea is to maximize your use of electricity when the solar system is producing more than your home would normally use at that time of day. Of course, this is only possible when you know what the system is producing hour by hour through the day. With a Fronius Smart Meter that information can be at your fingertips no matter where you are.

As expectations from a self generated power supplies increase, so to does the dilemma of whether to include a Fronius Smart Meter or not. Fact is, this one device could help save you thousands more than without it.

As the owner of a Blacktop Solar Home you will not be faced with the question of whether or not to install a Fronius Smart Meter, it is already installed; but you can find a more complete explanation of why and how it is useful in the article 6 Reasons Why You Need a Fronius Smart Meter