Solar Homes for Sale

Montana's Best Live/Work/Play Opportunity!

Two of these Montana solar homes have sold, the third is now for sale. Dillon schools are excellent and it would be a great place to raise a family. These homes would also make a great second home for someone to escape the pressure of life on the coast, within easy distance of great fishing and hunting. The University provides ready renters, if income property is your motivation. Prices are on the Home Page.

Solar Home Views and Floor plans

Here we show an artist's rendering of how the homes will look when built and landscaping is in place, as well as a copy of the actual lot lines as recorded. Finally, we include copies of the actual floor plans of the three homes completed and ready to buy together with images of the finished homes.

Lot Layout, Floor Plans, and Images

Street View

A perspective view of all three homes from the street


A perspective view from the street of all three homes superimposed on an actual photograph of the site.


Aeriel View From Southwest

Image showing the aerial view from the southwest




Aeriel View From Southeast

Image showing the aerial view from the southeast




The Lot Layout

Image of the recorded plat showing lot legal layout of the lots at Railroad Street and Franklin Avenue


The first set of Blacktail homes is located on Railroad Street, which like most streets in Dillon, runs at a diagonal to a north/south line. The lot lines for the first three houses have been adjusted to make room for all three houses to have the wide part of the house facing due south. This layout allows the wide part of the houses to be exposed to the sun in winter and to the shade in summer.


Home 1A - Address is 613 N Railroad Street

Street View
An image showing Home 1A floor plan




Home 2A - Address is 607 N Railroad Street

Street View
An image showing Home 2A floor plan




Home 3A - Address is 619 N Railroad Street

Street View
An image showing Home 3A floor plan


Home 3A is built to order using conventional framing. The wall insulation is 2 inches of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) in addition to conventional fiberglass batts. Window glass is the same quality as the other two homes. See more information about SPF and quality glass in the FAQ


More than one prospective buyer has said: "I would buy this home if it had a garage!". Accordingly, we have come to an agreement with the adjoining property owner to acquire a sufficient amount of that property to build a 20x24 ft detatched garage. This additional property is a strip 25' wide on the North-East border of Home 3A - Address is 619 N Railroad Street between Railroad Street and the alley behind. The addition to the 619 N Railroad Street lot would be 25x115 feet leaving a nice additional space for the homeowner to enjoy. A garden, or possibly some chickens, come to mind. Of course a larger garage would cost more, but for a buyer with a need for such and the ability to finance it, we would comply with those needs.

We have also contracted with the home builder to construct that garage, and we are ready to proceed as soon as we have a signed home purchase agreement in hand. Price: an additional $25,000, including the additional land.